Biodata Format

Biodata format should be short, not more than 2-3 pages yet detail enough to give your and your family’s complete profile. Biodata format can be of any type, but below are essential content that should be present in Bio data.


Information to be filled

Covering Letter Refer to Covering letter Samples. Should be attached to Biodata format
Height Mention the exact height, usually in cms in Biodata format.
Weight Mention the weight in kgs in Biodata format.
Complexion Wheatish, Fair, Very Fair, Dark should be mentioned in Biodata format
Date of Birth Format is usually dd/mm/yy
Time of birth Please mention this correctly & format should be hh/mm/ss.
Place of Birth This is optional.
Age Mention the right age in years.
Diet Vegetarian, Non – veg, Jain or Vegan is essential in Biodata format
Religion / caste Specify the religion, caste, sub caste or gotra in Biodata format
Qualification Mention the highest degree first & then rest of your degrees can follow. Mention the full name of the degree along with the abbreviation as only mentioning abbreviation can be confusing. For multiple degrees restrict to only 3 & the rest you can tell them on meeting / talking on the phone. This is one of the important point in Biodata format
Employment / Job details Mention only the current job details.
Salary Mention the exact numbers than mentioning the range.
Nature Charming, adjusting, honest, soft spoken, cool in Biodata format
Hobbies Reading, cooking, music, traveling, trekking, photography, sports, painting, stitching, embroidery work, sightseeing, etc. This good to have in Biodata format
Family Details Specify all the details like name, qualification, occupation, etc. of your immediate family members. You can also include the details of your first family i.e. aunt, uncles, grandparents, etc. This gives a good impression of your family background which is one of the key aspects in arranged marriages. This is must in Biodata format
Family Tree This is optional in Biodata format. You can prepare a family tree mentioning your relation with them.
Horoscope You can give your horoscope (kundli) details in this section. If you don’t believe in horoscope matching, you can mention it in Biodata format
Mangalik You can skip this or mention whether you are mangalik / non mangalik in this section of Biodata format
Photo Attach a good photograph along with Biodata format. The photo can be taken by a professional. Don’t attach casual photos or photos taken on some trip or at some family function. Attach a photo in semi casual or formal dress for the guys & for the girls as per their tradition.
Contact Details Specify your contact no. / parents contact no. along with address & email address in Biodata format
Aim In Life You can describe in short your future plans, ultimate aim in life, goals you want to achieve, etc. This will add value to your Biodata format
Describe yourself Refer to samples of Describe Yourself.
Partner Preference / Looking For Refer to samples of Partner Preference.
General Family Description Sample 1:
Our family is highly educated and cultured. We are fun loving & easy going people.Sample 2:
We are a family with modern outlook and have a rich culture. We give a lot of importance to our tradition, customs, values & principles.Sample 3:
We have very Liberal views & are modern people. Our family is very adjusting & accommodating.Sample 4:
We are a  simple middle class family. We are strong believer of our religion & culture.Sample 5:
We are open minded people. Our family is a mixture of different religions & cultures. We only believe in family values & upbringing.Sample 6:
Ours is a XXX (mention caste / religion) family. All the relations are very well settled, in various businesses & have commendable standing in their professional lives.
Ours is a  moderate forward looking middle class down-to-earth family with a religious leaning having high esteem for moral and cultural values.


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