Wedding Decorations

Decoration adds beauty to your wedding to make it complete. The first thing that catches the eyes of the guests on the wedding venue is the decoration & sitting arrangements. A perfect decoration & sitting arrangement will make your guest feel comfortable, enjoy the special occasion and cherish these memories for years. Following are some key aspects for you to consider before finalizing the decorations:

  1. Decoration should be well planned, organized, vibrant, simple, modern & elegant.
  2. For each function, allocate a budget from the overall budget for decoration & select type of decoration.
  3. You should consider the theme of your wedding, location & ambience of the venue before finalizing the type of decoration.
  4. If you want to decorate with natural flowers, ensure that they are fresh, lasting & quantity is sufficient or else you can use artificial flowers which also look good.
  5. You can use various combinations of colours, lights, balloons, scented candles, fabrics & other designs to add that special touch to the decoration of the venue. If the functions are in a closed hall, the ceiling can be decorated with multicoloured satin fabrics.
  6. Choose the right type of mandap from the variety of mandaps for eg: fountain mandap, crystal mandap, round mandap, wooden mandaps, carving mandap with arches and pillars, royal mandap, etc.
  7. There can be a beautifully decorated authentic doli for the bride’s exit (vidai) after the wedding.
  8. The car that will take the bride & groom after all the celebrations need to be decorated.
  9. Reception can be on a lawn with fountains. The bride & groom can enter the reception in a boat.
  10. Arrangement of chairs & tables should be such that all the guests can view the functions easily. The number of chairs should be sufficient to accommodate all the guests. The chairs & tables should be at a safe distance from the food stalls but guest should also be able to easily access the food stalls.
  11. You need to keep a track of completion date of the decorations for which you can use the decoration planning & tracking sheet.