The Reception

The wedding celebrations come to an end with the final function, the Reception. After the wedding all the guests look forward to the reception. Hence it is usually a very grand affair. Following are the points you need to consider to have a magnificent & memorable reception & you can use the reception checklist to keep a track of all the arrangements:

  1.  Fix the time & date for the reception. The reception can be held immediately after the wedding or the wedding can be in the morning & the reception in the evening or you can have another date after the wedding for the reception.
  2. Set a budget for the Reception & ensure not to exceed it.
  3. Check that the final number of guest present is as per the number of invitation card send.
  4. Check the transportation & parking facilities for the guests.
  5. Do a final check of the venue, tables & the sitting arrangements. A table should be arranged for the bride & groom to have lunch/dinner with their close family members & friends.
  6. Check all the decorations of the venue & stage is ready as agreed.
  7. Check with the caterer whether all the items are there as per the finalized menu. Taste the food before the caterer starts serving the guests to ensure that everything is fine.
  8. Check all the arrangements required to take photos & videos by the photographer/videographer.
  9. The reception attire along with all the accessories should be ready. Ensure that the attire is well ironed.
  10. The beautician & hair stylist should have reached the venue.
  11. You can have some light music or wedding songs or folk songs playing in the background.
  12. You can arrange for gazal singing troupe & magic show or men in cartoon attire to entertain the children who come for the reception.
  13. Make arrangements for keeping all the gifts & bouquets received from the guests.