Wedding Budget Planning

Budget Planning for the wedding is the first thing which you have to decide after finalization of the wedding date. It is difficult & tricky at times as you have to plan, calculate & prepare your checklist then realign the celebrations with the budget.  You may want to do many things but you also need to keep a tab on the budget. Following are some guidelines that will help you to finalize the budget:

  1. First you need to decide an approximate total amount of money you want to spend on the wedding.
  2. If you require a big amount after the wedding for accommodation (buying your own house) or renovating your house or for purchasing durables or for buying a vehicle, etc. then no point in spending a fortune on the wedding. Hence keep all the factors in mind while deciding the budget.
  3. If the budget is limited & you want a grand wedding you can look into tips for low budget wedding.
  4. The total budget should be agreeable to both the parties. Sometimes both the families decide to share the budget.
  5.  Hence you need to keep a track of the total expenditure & decide on who will spend for what all things. Or else you can make a common pool of money & allocate a budget accordingly.
  6. Then you need to prepare a budget allocation & tracking sheet which will consist of a list of major items of expenditure in your wedding for eg: Functions, food, caterer, invitation cards, jewelry, clothes, gifts, etc. You can check detail list here.
  7. After allocating the budget to each of the item, you need to allocate a minimum & maximum budget for each item.
  8. In case your budget for a particular item is over shooting the allocated amount; you can keep a check on the total budget by adjusting the budget of some other item.
  9. In case you wish to donate money for some social cause on your wedding day then do allocate a separate budget for it.