Biodata for Marriage

Biodata for Marriage can be easily made by using ready to usefree, multiple templates, tools & tips.  No Login required, just download Biodata for Marriage Template & follow 5 easy steps to create a professional Biodata.

Step 1:

Select & Download a Ready to Use Biodata Format from the various templates available here:

For more Biodata for Marriage Template Formats Click Here.

Step 2:

Open the Biodata Content Guide  and use it as a reference to easily fill in the required details in the selected Template.

Step 3:

Prepare your Covering Letter from the ready to use Samples of covering letter.

Step 4:

Write about yourself in the Describe Yourself section; for reference you can use these Samples of describe yourself.

Step 5:

Lastly, include your partner expectations in the Partner Preference section; for reference you can use these Samples for partner preference.  

For 6 quick Tips to assist you in completing your Biodata for Marriage, Click Here.


Here is a quick video guide

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76 thoughts on “Biodata for Marriage

      • Hi Moin, it is no longer true that individuals or families from particular caste/religion will follow vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet. People can have very specific preferences on how their partners diet should be. Hence it is important, specially in religion like Hindu or Jain where diet is more important, for rest of the religion it can be optional.

    • Hi, It is not compulsory, but is good to have. This will help you to get targeted prospect. It is always good to provide as much information in Biodata so that you don’t have to explain things later and to know that things don’t match out. Hope that helps.

  1. thank u very much…for providing the formats of cv…this site (marriage extra) is very good…i tell my friends also about it..again thanks..

  2. Please Update your Marriage Biodata Format… Profile You Post Is No More Working<br /><br />Thanks

  3. Hey Jaya, let me know what exactly you are looking for and I can provide you more details. Plaese do visit other sections of blog, might help

  4. Hi Elliyas,<br /><br />Its kind of Mandatory to have income details in Bio data in India. This helps decide someone on the Financial stablity, however if you ask me personaly, I would say if someone is qualified enough and capable, current income should not matter much.

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